Rumour has it that young holders of the new B-category driving license may not drive trailers, or at least only trailers not exceeding 750 kg. However, we can put your mind at ease, since B-category license holders too are allowed to drive trailers, with a caveat: there are a few numbers in your registration document to be kept in mind.

Here's the short version:

Anybody may tow the unbraked tent trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 750 kg.

The recommended braked tent trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 1,300 kg may be towed if the towing vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of not more than 2,200 kg (field F.1).

What should I do if the numbers don't match?

Well...sad to say you'll have to scrap your car! Just kidding ;-)

No worries—we will gladly reduce the legal weight of your trailer if the numbers don't match. See the Legal Weight Reduction section for more info.

Too tricky? No problem? Just call our hotline—our customer consultants will work through the data with you step by step.

Holders of the category 3 driving license may always tow our trailers ;-)

Further information can be found at

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