Camping is a thing of the past—today, clever camping where it's at. With amazing solutions and Innovations by CAMPWERK.

After all the key question is: How can you travel the world individual-style while maintaining perfect mobility and keeping costs and efforts down?

A camper or caravan costs vast sums of money while camping in a camping ground is typically laborious and offers little comfort. Hotels and clubs, on the other hand, won't let you enjoy the freedom to spend the night wherever you like.

But that's exactly what it's all about: goosebumps and mobility, freedom and spontaneity, new discoveries, exploring unknown climes and putting up your sleeping place wherever it suits you. A big tent with floor, windows, kitchen etc. is set up with very little effort in a couple of minutes, ready to let you dream. Camp Werk's tent trailers and car-top tents are a lot of fun but not a lot of work.

They are comfortable, incredibly roomy, and utterly robust. Sophisticated down to the minutest detail and real-life tested time and again, they will defy even harsh weather conditions. And, what makes us particularly proud: despite being incomparably inexpensive, Campwerk's trailers and tents come with extraordinary features and a broad spectrum of accessories.

We have included everything you need for a perfect trip.

Now it's your turn...! Welcome to CAMPWERK...

Trade shows


Reise & Camping Messe in Essen

vom 26.02. - 01.03. 

Messe Nürnberg

 Freizeit Messe in Nürnberg

vom 26.02 - 01.03. 

Bite Motion

Bike Motion Benelux (tevens Fiets- en Wandelbeurs) in Utrecht

vom 28.02. - 01.03.

Messe Freiburg

Berlin ACC

vom 13.03. - 15.03.2020


Tiroler Frühlingsmesse

Tiroler Frühjahrsmesse

vom 12.03. - 15.03.2020



Camping & Caravaning Messe in Rostock

vom 27.03. - 29.03.2020

Urlaub Freizeit Reisen

Urlaub Freizeit Reisen
in Friedrichshafen

vom 18.03. - 22.03.2020

4x4 Vakantiebeurs in Loon op Zand (NL)



4x4 rhein waal

4x4 rhein waal in Xanten

vom 27.03 - 29.03.2020

Touristikwelt Mainz

Touristik Welt in Mainz

vom 03.04. - 05.04.2020