Can I tow the trailers with driving license category "B"?

Anybody may tow the unbraked ONROAD tent trailer with 750 kg gross vehicle weightzul. Gesamtgewicht darf jeder ziehen.

The braked ONROAD tent trailer with 1,300 kg gross vehicle weight may be towed as long as your towing vehicle has a dead weight of at least 1,300 kg (field G) and the gross vehicle weight (field F.1) does not exceed 2,200 kg.

NEW 2013

From 2013 onward, holders of the driving license category "B" may drive car/trailer combinations with up to 4,250 kg gross vehicle weight if they possess the so-called B96 extension. This requires at least 7 hours of driving instructions including a practical and theoretical part but not a test. With this extension the towing vehicle may have a gross vehicle weight of up to 2,950 kg (field F.1).

In case the values don't match,

you require a category BE driving license; alternatively, we can reduce the total legal weight down to the desired gross vehicle weight.

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