Wholesome, relieving, relaxing...

Sleep is an exceedingly valuable time for us human beings. We need it for recovery and relaxation, because only sleep can give us new energy for the day. A good night's sleep is key to our vitality and joie de vivre.

And in case the special foam mattress with its thickness of 10 cm still doesn't do the trick for you, there's still the comfort bed. This is a special visco-foam mattress that moulds to the individual shape of the body. The purpose-made Froli bedspring system makes the package complete for a perfect night's sleep.

Premium mattress

Eine Premiummatrtze ist die beste Grundlage für gesunden SchlafAn excellent mattress is the perfect foundation for wholesome sleep. A mattress should be as individual as the person sleeping on it. Made of resilient yet supporting cold foam material, our premium mattress perfectly moulds to the individual body contours. It supports the spine for an orthopaedically sound sleeping position. Zones of punctual decompression let the back muscles and discs relax - as they should. The unique design, together with high-class materials, provide for optimal sleeping conditions.

Making no compromises, CAMPWERK relies on market leader Froli and its Viscomobil premium mattress. What's particular about this mattress is the melding of decompressing visco-foam and a supporting cold foam layer. Decompression for the sensitive spine that you can feel!

  • Visco-elastic mattress
  • 8 cm cold foam (RG 45) + 4 cm visco-foam (RG 50)
  • High-quality Tencel® cover (40% Tencel®, 60% polyester), breathable with anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, quilted with 280 g/m² PES fibre (100% polyester), mutton cloth (65% polyester, 35% cotton). Removable, divisible and washable at up to 60°C.
  • 3-side zip fastener, 4 reversing loops



Die Federrung sorgt für eine komfortable Unterfederung mit unterschiedlichen HärtezonenGood ventilation is key to hygiene and your well-being. We combine your mattress with Froli bedsprings to give you maximum sleeping comfort. The spring elements are connected to form a comfortable springing (slatted frame) with differential hardness zones. The body is supported in an orthopaedically sound manner, providing for individual decompression. This helps avoid tenseness and one-sided strains. In addition, the open, air-permeable cells allow for perfect ventilation and outstanding sleeping conditions.

Got an allergy or other special requirements for health reasons? No problem—we work with a well-known mattress maker in Germany. Just get in touch for your customised solution.

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