The perfect finale to a perfect day on the road: quick set-up, a warm meal, and a good night's sleep...

CAMPWERK Zeltanhänger / Faltcaravan ECONOMYOffering an incredibly roomy layout while being our smallest trailer tent, the "Economy" is the ideal entry-level tent for both seasoned and aspiring camping aficionados. A ground area of no less than nine square metres holds a ready-to-sleep, comfortable King Size bed for the weary.

And if this still isn't enough for you, you can extend the CAMP WERK® Economy trailer tent with the extension tent from 9 to as much as 19 roomy square metres! Depending on the season, outside temperature and weather, it will often suffice to just install the extension roof without the side panels.

When fully set up, the CAMPWERK Economy trailer tent offers more space than a premium caravan eight metres long–at a pack size of not more than 2.2 x 1.75 x 30 cm (L x W x H).

Our formula for camping made easy

In einem Zeltanhänger ist das komplette CAMPWERK Family Zelt unterwegsTake a road trailer with first-rate equipment, from a famous German supplier that makes the perfect camper for trips across Germany as well as a few neighbouring countries. Featuring a lug for the trailer tent, this trailer is designed to be complemented with the trailer tent. And off you go!

A key benefit: While a perfect yet inexpensive fit for your holidays, you can also use the trailer for normal transport duties on a day-to-day basis. Custom-made to our specifications, we offer a full 10-year guarantee on our trailers—which is unparalleled in Germany!

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Bigger living quarters / extension tent


For short stays, it's mostly sufficient to quickly set up the main tent. But the longer you stay in one place, the less you may be inclined to do without the comfort of a large, roofed living area. Depending on the weather, it's possible to set up only the canopy, for example to serve as a sunscreen on sunny days, or the entire structure including the side walls when it's cold. This will endow you with a full-blown living room.


fenster headline image

All major windows of the main and the extension tent are layered three-fold:

fensterlagen31.   an extremely thin yet rugged mosquito net which will keep out even the tiniest of flying insects
2.   a transparent PVC element to let in the sunlight even in the stormiest of weather outer layer to block prying eyes.



What's more, all major windows can be converted into sunblinds using rods, thus allowing air circulation when it rains or providing a bit of shade when sunbathing. In addition, all windows in the sleeping area can be closed from within, because nobody likes to walk outside in their pyjamas.

Another innovation is the marvellously large PVC panorama window above the sleeping area which lets in the sunlight by day and opens a view to the stars at night– it hardly gets any more romantic than this.

Material and workmanship


The tent cloth is made of a very high quality 450 g mixed fabric, also known as canvas. A material piece of art made of cotton and polyester, the fibre blends the strong points of a natural fibre with the benefits of a state-of-the-art, high-tech material. This results in a rugged, breathable fabric that offers a pleasant feel and great dimensional stability.

The tent cloth, which also sees use with the military, comes impregnated and is ultra tear-resistant. All seams use a special yarn that expands upon first exposure to water, thereby sealing possible seam holes.

Having said that, the tent poles are worth their salt too, packing galvanised steel tubing and special stainless steel components. This modern finish confers very good corrosion resistance and a pleasant feel.

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Canopy bed

Canopy bed

A reclining area of 220 x 175cm will make even premium campers envious, because this sort of space is mostly restricted to the domestic area

Das Kopfortschlafset

And in case this special foam mattress with its thickness of 10 cm still doesn't do the trick for you, there's still the comfort bed. This is a special visco-foam mattress that moulds to the individual shape of the body. The purpose-made Froli bedspring system makes the package complete for a perfect night's sleep. Got an allergy or need something special for health reasons? No problem—we work with a well-known mattress maker in Germany. Just get in touch for your tailor-made solution.

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Standard feature


Storage space

Need storage space? No worries, because the two integrated flaps under the mattress will let you access the content of the trailer very easily


Large ski mask in the sleeping area

The large ski mask affords protection both from the weather and prying eyes, without ever impinging on the excellent ventilation.


Extra-strong tarpaulin

The tarpaulin is made of a particularly rugged, thick PVC material. The heavy-duty SBS zipper and overlying protective hook and loop fastener provides maximum protection against dust and rain.

The tarpaulin has been intentionally designed to be a bit wider so that it can accommodate the extension tent as well as additional trappings such as camping chairs and tables directly on top of the tent, giving you more space inside the trailer. The anchor points located on the side allow the tarpaulin to be pulled tight before taking to the road.


Tailgate cover

The tailgate cover serves to shield the extension tent from insects, offering easy access to the trailer's tailgate (e.g. CAMPWERK trailer kitchen) thanks to the zippers.

fussboden 01

Strong sewn-in floor

The main tent's floor is firmly sewed to the sides of the tent to form a fully enclosed structure. The floor consists of a very strong PVC compound that guarantees watertightness in poor weather conditions.


Rain protection for roll-up windows

To keep water from collecting in the rolled-up windows, CAMPWERK has provided all windows with a rain shield that channels off the water and protects the blinds.



Since zippers are invariably exposed to high tensional and mechanical forces from the wind as well as the pressure exerted by people and objects, CAMPWERK uses only extra strong zippers. The double overlapping seam is a new feature./p>


Side opening

Use this opening on hot days to optimise ventilation inside the tent, while the mosquito net keeps unwelcome guests in check.



The tent is furnished with convenient pockets in different spots. This comes particularly handy in the sleeping area, where you can stow away your cellphone, books, bottles, etc.


Water drain

The extension tent comes with a special water drain to control water drainage even in heavy rain conditions. Pulling at this drain creates a small trough in the tent roof which collects the water and guides it to a specific point for controlled drainage.

kabelzugang 01

Cable access

The floor has a small zipper for access to several cables.

aussteller 01

Window put-up

Thanks to the put-up hinges, the outer window layers can be deployed as awnings. On the road with bicycles? Just park them under the awning to keep them dry.


Extra ventilation

To provide for ventilation even in cold weather, Camp Werk has designed the crest of the ECONOMY 2 and FAMILY 4 with new ventilation ports.

pvc bett 01

Extra-high PVC skirt around the mattress

For optimal moisture protection


Mosquito protection pouches

Openings (e.g. on the rod connections) are closed with a sealing pouch, giving mosquitoes no chance


Repair kit

All CAMPWERK tents come with a small repair kit that holds one piece of every relevant tent material. Mosquito net, side panel tent fabric, roof fabric, PVC tarpaulin.

haeringeetc 01

Set-up accessories

All accessory pieces needed to erect the tent are supplied in separate bags for added clarity and numbered for ease of assembly.

Technical data:




Living area
Length 220 cm
Width 385 cm 495 cm
Apex 270 cm 290 cm
Sleeping level 175 x 220 cm
Extension tent
Length 240 cm
Width 420 cm 495 cm
Bundled-up tent platform
Length 220 cm
Width 175 cm
Height 30 cm
Weight approx. 180 kg approx. 230 kg


 Trailer base





Trailer length approx. 355 cm
Trailer width approx. 180 cm
Internal dimension of box 200 x 125 x 44 cm
Volume 1.100 L
Maximum speed 80 Km/h 100 Km/h 100 Km/h
Design Gross vehicle weight
zul. Gesamtgewicht 750 kg 1.300 kg 1.500 kg
Dead weight ca. 180 kg ca. 240 kg ca. 300 kg
Tent trailer vehicle payload approx 390 kg approx 880 kg approx 1.020 kg
Tyres 185/70 R13 195/70 R14 235/85 R 16

Trailer base


Trailer width

approx 355 cm

Trailer width

ca. 180 cm

Internal dimension of box

200 x 125 x 44 cm


1.100 L



80 Km/h


Flat-bed vehicle

Gross vehicle weight

750 kg

Dead weight

ca. 180 kg

Tent trailer vehicle payload

ca. 390 kg


185/70 R13


Trailer base
Braked Recommended!


Trailer length

ca. 355 cm

Trailer width

ca. 180 cm

Internal dimension of box

200 x 125 x 44 cm


1.100 L


Maximum speed

100 Km/h


Flat-bed vehicle

Gross vehicle weight

1.300 kg

Dead weight

ca. 240 kg

Tent trailer vehicle payload

ca. 880 kg


195/70 R14


Trailer base


Trailer length

ca. 355 cm

Trailer width

ca. 180 cm

Internal dimension of box

200 x 125 x 44 cm


1.100 L


Maximum speed

100 Km/h



Gross vehicle weight

1.500 kg

Dead weight

ca. 300 kg

Tent trailer vehicle payload

ca. 1.020 kg


235/85 R 16

Trade shows


 Woonforum in Groningen (NL)

10.04. - 13.04.

Daktentenfestival België

05.06. - 07.06.




Abenteuer & Allrad Messe in Bad Kissingen

vom 11.06 bis 14.06.


Daktentfestival Eext (NL)

19.06. - 21.06.


Adventure Southside

Adventure Southside Eigeltingen

vom 10.07. - 12.07



Caravan Salon Messe in Düsseldorf

vom 28.08. bis 06.09


Messe Freiburg

Caravan Live in Freiburg

vom 01.10 - 04.10.